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Silver Sage Llamas, located near the center of Wyoming, has been breeding sound, gentle llamas for the Rocky Mountain region since 1982. Our site lists herd sires and llamas for sale, including show, packing and guard llamas. Visit our Questions and Answers about llamas and the new llama quiz. After all these years, we are still excited about llamas and would love to answer your questions about these wonderful animals.



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In the late 70’s, we were looking for a business that was well suited to Wyoming, was not labor intensive, and one that would compliment our busy professional lifestyles and family. Ellen discovered llamas on the pages of Smithsonian magazine, and our herd started in 1982 with a breeding pair and a small rented track of land. Our lives quickly centered around the loveable creatures, and our city lifestyle and recreational toys were exchanged for more llamas and a small ranch east of Casper. Both daughters also became very involved through 4-H, showing and helping around the ranch.

Silver Sage now maintains a permanent herd of about 40 llamas with an exceptional core of 25 breeding females selected from solid breeding lines that we have followed over the years. To maintain the quality of our llamas, we maintain several exceptional herd sires.

We are always happy to discuss llamas and encourage you to use our Web Site to learn more about these intriguing creatures. Please contact us by email or by using our feedback page for any additional questions. Ranch tours are available by appointment, but be forewarned – llamas are very addicting, and they are fun!


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Since 1982, we have held fast to our original breeding goals: breeding sound, gentle llamas for the Rocky Mountain region. The majority of our females are above average in size. Along with the versatility of the larger animals, we have found that the larger llamas seem to have less birthing and reproductive problems. The moderate wool length produces a multi-purpose animal – able to work and still beautiful for showing and companionship. We mate these outstanding females selectively with our choice of several outstanding herd sires to enhance the best traits of both parents.

We have found over the years that the first year is very important to the success of a young llama.  We carefully train each llama for the basics during this year. Starting at weaning, our llamas are head desensitized and trained to lead, to trailer load and to allow brushing. This training is very important, even for the guard llama, and very often makes the difference in the success of the animal's placement with a new owner. Our goal is total satisfaction with our llama placements and the majority of our sales are referrals from satisfied customers.


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llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Our FAQ page is primarily for people new to
llamas.  It addresses some common questions about
llamas and their care.  Kids - try the Llama Quiz!
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Uses for Llamas explains in greater detail the many
ways llamas are fun and functional.
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Our Llamas for Sale page features llamas we
currently have available. Updated 04/13/2004
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Our Herd contains many photos of our current herd
sires and dams and some adorable cria photos.
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Our Personal page is full of information and
pictures of Dan and Ellen.
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) Use our Feedback page to ask additional questions
or give comments about our site.
llamafootgreen.gif (943 bytes) The Links page will help you find llama


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Visitors are always welcome at Silver Sage.  We just ask that you please contact us ahead so someone is available to answer your questions and show you around our ranch.  Please call Dan or Ellen Schreiner at (307) 265-1780 or email us to set up your visit.

Dan & Ellen Schreiner
P.O. Box 50668
6301 S. Hat Six Road
Casper, WY 82605

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